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This website is brought to you using the latest, greatest, free software and services. A special thanks to everyone whose efforts I have exploited to make this website a reality.

World Wide Web Consortium
Free Online Validation. WC3 Link Checker, CSS validator, HTML Validator, and much more.
Agility Hoster
Agility Hoster is our solution to free web page hosting. Very straight forward setup and usage for free
200MB Disk Space, 5GB Traffic, 2 Domains Hosting, PHP, Perl, MySQL, FTP, Instant Activation!
Free Domain Name
This is where the oddball "" name we have comes from. We finally migrated our Domain Name to a classical dot-com style name, but this one was free, easily set up, and error free. Get Free .Co.CC and .CC.CC Domain name. No Ads. Co.CC supports for CNAME, A, MX, NS records! A great way to start.
Cascade Style Sheet Drop-down Menu
This is the blue menu system at the top of all of our screens. This robust menu system is not Active-X or Java or any security risk and will therefore not be flagged as a potential security threat. It is browser neutral meaning it works equally well with any of the browsers currently in use. A truly remarkable piece of code that we are very pleased to use on our site. Thanks Stu.
Free FTP client and server.
CSS Toolbox
Freeware productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code. Includes a number of tools for fast-tracking and enhancing the development of CSS code. Free and simple CSS Editor, CSS Formatter, CSS Validator, CSS Compressor, and integration with W3C CSS Validator.
CSE HTML Validator Lite Edition
Clean up your site with CSE Lite! CSE HTML Validator Lite is an award winning FREE (for personal and educational use) HTML editor and basic HTML syntax checker for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and above. It's also adware and spyware free! Check HTML syntax, check spelling, quickly change tags and attributes to lowercase, automatically place quotes around attribute values, strip tags from HTML documents leaving only text, change all headers and footers on every page on your site when using template tool. Free.
Note Tab Lite
The ultimate free Notepad replacement and a handy HTML editor. Handle a heap of files with a simple tabbed interface. Search files, strip HTML tags and format text quickly. Build libraries of text macros to speed up your work. Formerly called "Super NoteTab". 100% freeware -- no ads and no nags.
FTP Commander 8.0
FTP Commander is simple and easy to use ftp client with no extra frills. Interface consists of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels. Supports two-way file exchanges and activate multiple downloads. It also allows you to delete, rename and copy files, create and delete directories in the FTP server and work in command line mode. A session log file is also available. The program is free for personal, educational and non-commercial use and does not contain any annoying ad banners. This program can be set up to run from a flash drive as well (portable).
Karen's 'Net Monitor
This free Power Tool perodically tests your web server and attempts to download a specific page. It reports any errors that occur, so you can take corrective action. The 'Net Monitor can send e-mail notifications of failures of your monitored web site. Note: E-mail notification feature requires Karen's E-Mailer II.
Karen's Mailer II
Karen's Mailer II adds e-mail notification features to Karen's 'Net Monitor.
This photo gallery is an great piece of code available for free. The Photo Stack function is "fun" and works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but not with Firefox when used over the web (go figure!). It does work with Firefox locally. We use the classic output with minor tweaks to implement our menu system. We also use the watermarked output photos with our copyright info stamped on the photos.
PF Random Quotes v1.0
Database not needed. Requires including only one line of code to your .php page. Uses a text file for the quotes. You can use HTML to format the quote's display.
HIOX Visitor Tracking HUVT 1.0
This tool tracks all the web page traffic statistics such as unique visitors, files visited, etc.
Totally PHP - Image Rotator
Used in the headers of our pages to bring up different pup images.
Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker
Make your own crossword puzzles. Free for personal and commercial usage.
Mail Maniac
Use this free service to process forms for your website.
3D Flags
Use these free animated gif flags of countries and states on your website.
PHP Junkyard
At PHPJunkYard you can download free PHP scripts for your website. Scripts include hit counters, click counter, link manager and others, check it out!
Free Find Search Engine
Advanced site search can be added to your website in minutes. Since 1998 FreeFind has provided site search engines to over 100,000 websites. With nothing to download or install it's easy and it's free!

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