Carpe Shar-Pei (Seize the Wrinkled Dog)


We provide permanent microchip identification for all of our adults and puppies. All our animals are protected by microchip and we feel it is important for your pet to have the same security. Your new puppy comes to you already fitted with a tiny harmless microchip that will stay safely in place for life, offering protection from loss, theft or separation due to natural or personal disaster. The microchip number is unique and belongs only to your puppy.

Shelters, vets, and rescue teams scan for microchips. If ever lost, your puppy can find his way home to you when his number is scanned and the registration authority is alerted.

We are proud to offer you this service as part of our Standard of Care. We will explain the registration process with you when you pick up your new puppy. We shop around for the best microchip solution so your registration package may differ in looks but not in quality.

Microchip Package

You get:

  • Microchip (implanted into your pet)
  • Enrollment information brochure

You do not own a dog, the dog owns you.


Paper and canvas prints of "Growing Up Chinese Shar-Pei" by Barbara Keith are available online.

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